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    Mind the Gap: Bridging Improv and Stand Up

    (or How to Pretend You're British Enough

    to Get Cast in a Harry Potter Movie) 

    Improv and stand up are the best of cousins, but unlike real cousins--these two can be merged. Learn to use your improv skills to start developing a tight five. Participants will begin by working their off the cuff muscles by making jokes off a slideshow of words, images, and anything else seasoned comic Gloria Rose feels like throwing at them. After we will dive into actual joke structure and discuss how improv can improve stand up skills. 

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    Sketch Comedy ft. Women

    Not every good sketch needs to pass the Bechdel test, but it would be great if more did, huh? In this session, we will brainstorm topics and workshop sketches with women at the center. What does "women at the center" mean? We'll take a stab at creating our own "test" on the subject. Then multiple all-female troupe improv and sketch vet Amy Brunner will lead you in a few structured brainstorms to generate pitches. You'll emerge with a pack of women-centered sketch pitches to impress ALL the ladies. All gender identities are super welcome. 

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    In this advanced workshop, we’ll dive into a format that Dangerfield performs called The Spokane. The Spokane is a long form structure in which there is a central source scene that the entire show revolves around.  From that source scene, other scenes can be started and continue down a series of tag out scenes.  Eventually, the tag outs will find their way back to the source scene. In this workshop, we’ll break down the format piece by piece and shed some light on the most successful ways to approach it.

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