so this is pretty much all of us
Francesca Villa

Francesca started her comedy career as a family-friendly improviser who was frequently not suitable for children. She's acted and written for Old School Game Show, has a few articles you might like about her ex-boyfriends on Reductress, and performed on Improv Asylum's NXT cast for a year. She falls in love easily on and off stage and will play a convincing little boy whenever asked.

ashley voltz

Ashley will never say no to costume work.  Bonnets? Check. Spacesuit? Of course. Strawberry? You know it. Ashley is an ImprovBoston Mainstage cast member, the director of sketch group Terrible People, and expert and retired host of the competitive sketch show: Battle Royale. For the record Ashley is not interested in your daddy-daughter tinder foreplay.  She is probably the funniest person in Boston, so you're blessed you get to see her perform.

Jen martin

Jen comes to comedy with a background in social work. The only member of Dangerfield with an advanced degree, she brings enough energy to the stage to power an independent coffee shop. Jen is not afraid of physicality and is also 6'3'' but has never played women's basketball.

kristina stapelfeld

Kristina is the only member of Dangerfield to successfully cut her own bangs.  As an accomplished musician, she brings timing and grace to the team.  An ImprovBoston Harold Night cast member and director, she's not fucking around when it comes to game of the scene.  She knows her shit and is willing to share her experience. She also hosts a monthly improv jam called ‘The Ladies Jam’ for anyone who identifies as a woman and wants to get in some scene work reps.

mary coffelt

Mary has studied the art of improv across the country. From her home base in Arizona, to the mean streets of beantown as an alumni of Improv Asylum and Improv Boston, Mary is an expert in character development and a collector of essential oils. Before you ask, no she isn't wearing a bra.

gloria rose

When it comes to all around comedian, Gloria check all the boxes. As an accomplished stand up in her own right, she brings cutting humor and old timey accents to the Dangerfield team.  We don't have space to list all her accomplishments here but she hosts a stand-up show at the Green Room in Somerville, one at ImprovBoston called Token, and a Drunk Mythology show that is sure to make you laugh but also drunk.

amy brunner

From Chicago, this lady has never once complained about Boston's pizza, nor their comedy scene. With training from Improv Asylum, Amy brings depth and realism to her character work.  She's a member of the sketch team Trash Birds, has acting credits with Faulty Chairman, and will stop at nothing to win a trivia game. Amy speaks Russian and 6 words in French, and will not let you forget it.

mina bond

Mina is the newest member of Dangerfield and brings with her an impressive (soon-to-be) complete BA in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies. Mina also has a solid background in long form improv & sketch and has trained at iO and Second City in Chicago. When she's not busy being a fuckin badass, she also writes for Reductress and Terrible People sketch comedy.